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Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Awesome Chana! and to the great Dads everywhere...Happy Fathers' Day!


It doesn't seem like that long ago you were posting about your dad's last sickness. Incredible that it's been over 2 years. Here's to the mystical, wonderful, strong father-daughter bond. I'll be thinking about my dad this Father's Day too.



I just got here through blogexplosion and wow!
This post made me tear.. thanks for writing and sharing. : )
Keep it up!


Thank your for sharing your story with us.
A tear in the eyes: thanks

You know who :)

I think you should find a really cool shadow box and put it in office upstairs and then present it to Shane's first born when the time is just right!!!!


I really do understand this, Chana! lol!


I don't know if I was there or saw the video but I remember that... Thanks Chana! I was really missing pawpaw today and they made me smile how happy he was doing that dance! love you!

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