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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Danny's Mom

I remember my Dad with equal love and respect. His picture and My Mother's are to my right in the office so as I do things I can simply look up and they are watching. My Dad passed on the day after my 21st Birthday, leaving me without a man to talk things over with for most of my life. Guess that is why I was so blessed with 3 good sons and a marvelous daughter. Now I have the extra blessing of good daughter-in-laws and a most wonderful son-in-law as a bonus.
Just thinking that people are not perfect but the memories you select to keep with you can be....like wearing your Dad's hat when you were very little, or clomping around in his house-shoes or dancing on his feet in a waltz. Your Danny was the last person to speak to my Dad, we will never know what that conversation was....it is lost to time, but Danny was only 16 months old and had to get up on the bed and talk to Dad (whom he called "AND DAD") and I am the happier for that one interaction than anything else.
My Dad would be 106 come this July...yet he left us at 64. I miss him still......


Chana: How well I relate. My Dad's BD was April 15th. My condolences to you.


My dad died at 61, ages ago. Now I realize how young 61 was and how much more time we could have, should have had with him.

p.s. I'm soooo glad you're back--I was getting 401'd when I tried to access your blog--I've missed you!


(((HUGS))) to you and your family! I relate.


he still is around and with u at all times!


Well, I wasn't going to cry, and then the last 2 sentences, "I am going to go home and hug my children as soon as I can. Maybe one day they will look back and remember my hugs too?" got me.

My dad's birthday was 3 days ago. He would have been 70. He was loved by so many... There must have been 300 people at his funeral. He touched more lives than I could ever hope to. While he was alive, I didn't appreciate just how special and influential he was. Now I know, and I wish I could tell him, but I think he knows how I feel, and he's keeping an eye on me.

Hey Dad, Happy Late Birthday, and thanks for all you did for me.

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