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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Oh my goodness, thank you for that laugh!! That is just..great! :)


Heh...I just go inside to order. chances are I'd wind up doing the same thing.


Lol, I found your blog via blogexplosion, and this post really made my day.

Thanks for the laugh!

Jeff Iversen

That is sooooo funny. A regular Jessica Simpson moment. I admit, I've had a few myself!


We've all been there. Did you look around nervously to see if anyone saw it?


Oh how funny - I have been going there longer than you and haven't been brave enough to go global and tell everyone I did the same thing - at least you learned from it - I must now confess I did it one more time! Yikes!


Oh golly, LOL! I didn't see anything wrong with option 1 until I saw option 2.


That is funny. Also funny is making the same mistake twice. :-)


That's Rosa's. I totally have done that many times too. You's think after one time, I'd get it, but alas..no..I fall for it every time. hahaha


I am SO glad I am not the only one.
You live close to me too, Alice! :)

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