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Monday, January 07, 2008



Aaawww. Happy Halfiversary, Chana ;)


Congrats!!! Of all my Blog-Friends, you deserve happiness. I have watched and read for sometime... don't know how I missed the happy news. I went back and looked. Great Pic! :-} Love and happiness forward to you and yours... Sallie
{ps... hope to have attheheartofit.com up and running at some point soon}


I read that, and first thought you said SIX YEARS, so I'm thinking..

Uh, who were you referring to there? I know about six years ago. :)


Congratz Chana. :)


Happy 6th month anniversary!


Congratz Chana! :)


awww -- congrats, that's so excellent!



Danny's Mom

OK so it is April and now I need to wish you a Happy 9 Month Anniversary plus or minus a few days. I have been catch up reading and believe me when you miss a BLOG you miss a blog. Yours is intertaining, remindful and humerous. You also give me inspiration (no not the dripping wet feeling) but I am happy to be able to see a wee bit of life from the outside.
Where you have big city life, I have small town fun. Yesterday we went to the Sears Outlet store (Appliances, mowers...that's about it there) to get the new riding mower. Here we are around noon coming down the Road (not a full mile but close) The old man riding the New Riding Mower (in the Street), wife driving the Red Sporty Car with the flashers on behind and faithful dog, standing on back seat, paws on my shoulder and licking my right ear. His was of giving kisses. So to my town this was a normal sight when you don't own a truck or trailer, you just drive it home and people wave like your a parade or something. Now in the big City you could probably get a fine for this but here we became Saturday morning entertain for the masses.
Have a beautiful day. Spring is here and we are happy campers.
Danny's Mom and the Old man

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