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Saturday, December 15, 2007



Self checkout RULES!

If it were up to me, every store everywhere would be self checkout.

I prefer it that way. The reason is the cashier generally wants to talk. Feh - I just want to pay for my stuff and get out.


Of course YOU would say that Joe. Can you come help me check out early next Saturday then? :)


Well, this is a sign of how depersonalized retail has become. I agree.


Who's betting that particular register will still be blinking waiting for assistance the next time you go shopping?


I can't stand going into Home Depot on any day of the week, even during non-holiday seasons. They never have enough employees working and never have enough cashiers available. It's always a stressful experience!


Michael: I very much agree

Phil: I'm in on that bet. I should have checked later that day, huh?

Nicole: Yep, I'm on your side! :)


I loathe self checkout machines! As you said, something always goes wrong even if you are attempting to check out one item and the so-called assistance desk is staffed by rude people. I am by no means technologically impaired but I'd much rather be checked out by a person, even if they don't say a word to me.

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