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Friday, March 16, 2007



I've done stuff like that, and you just have to shake your head. Several times, I've been doing the "what do I have to do today" list while in the shower, and put the shampoo on my face instead of my hair! Yuck!

You didn't mention, but I hope that the laundry was dirty, and not the clean pile. That would have made me cry! Take care!


I wish I could say I'd done that, but not quite... but have you ever thrown a perfectly good pair of socks onto a fire? No, I didn't think so! :)


you didn't need those clothes anyway, or maybe it's a sign for you to get a new wardrobe. Take care of yourself Chana.

Aunt Julia

Sometimes when we are too busy, we do get distracted.

I can empathize with the situation you described as there are times when i have left the house or the car unlocked after coming home from the grocery shopping.


hahha I've done that... well not that exactly but I have put things in the frig or in other places when they don't belong. Like one time I put the cereal in the frig, the dog food in the pots and pans cabinet and the butter in the bread box. Not all in one day mind you... different days. :)


So glad it's not just me that gets mommy-brainfreeze.

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