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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ozone Ferd

What's Up?

Lisa P.

Your blog makes me so sad. Please share what's going on. We need another girl's night out just to vent. Let me know if you're interested.
you're in my prayers.


Hope you're feeling better soon. Cheer up! :)


I'm so sorry you're going through a rough patch. I share some of those feelings from the list, myself.



May the sun rise tomorrow with a smile on its face--waking you to a new day. On another piece of advice, if you're having a bad day, it's not the time to read Platt's "The Bell Jar" (on your reading list). Find something funny!


A big hug for you, Chana. Walk your dog and listen to the birds and see if you can find some signs of springtime and remember that each day brings a new start and new hope.


Hugs sent and Prayers said. Things do get rough from time to time... I know and I understand... the words between your words. It will get better! Try imagining what you want and it will come. It may not be in the form of your dreams but it will be. All the pieces in the puzzle of your life might be there yet. Have faith.


Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. On the bright side, Jodi Piccolt's new book is out, and you look great in the new picture on your blog.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. We need to go to the arboretum and smell the flowers. :)


It would my my pleasure to think of an attractive, funny, intelligent woman such as you ;) Hope things get better for you soon.


OH Chana. I wish I could be there to take you out for tea. ( You could cry and I would give you used kleenex from my purse)
Seriously. Please reach out to someone that lives close to you.) I am here for you too.
Be well dear one.


Sorry to hear you are so down. But remember, time will help. I have had friends and family who have had serious depressive times, and all have recovered and are doing fine!


Don't worry, tomorrow will definitely be a brighter day. Cheers and take care!

Ozone Ferd

would it cheer you up if I said that is a damn sexy pic you got up there on the left?


Hey you. JUst stopping in to see how you ar doing today. E mail me if you need to vent ok? insanity_written_in_a_blog at hotmail.com

Rest. Be well.


So, its been a little while since you updated. I hope you are feeling better. Its ok to feel down, just make sure you have someone to talk to also. :)

Magnolia Mom

Gosh, I think I've missed something. My bloglines hasn't been updating a lot of the blogs I read, including yours. I feel really behind.

I'll definitely pray for you during this rough time.

And you look beautiful in the new picture!

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