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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


ozone ferd

Bloggin' Hottie. Nice pic.


LOL But sometimes, blondes are soooo cuuuuute ;)


I don't know what it is about blondes but you have to love them. I have two blonde friends and they are both educated women and intelligent. However, there is just something about them.
For example. I drive my kids across town to school everyday. One of these women walks to work and I usually see her and wave. This has been going on for about 4 years. Every single time I wave she gets this total look of confusion like she has no idea who is waving at her. And at the last possible second the little light goes on and she waves back.
The funny thing is it makes me love her all the more!


Hmm. What's my case then? I have dark brown hair and believe me---I have said worst things in my day that made people look at me and say, "WHAT???"

What's worse than asking if the quarterback made a homerun?

Yeh... THAT bad.


LOL. It's ok I had one of those moments the other day and I'm not blond.


But you're cute, though! Who cares if you're a wee bit confused.


Well I hope they got good seats huh?

Blogmad hit!


Janet sent me. Great site!!!! Beautiful photo too! :)

Have a good week!


me, I would have come up with some big excuse for why I WANT to sit outside the stadium! but alas, my hair is dark brown. :P

Mindless Dribbler

Yeah but, I ain't brave enough to fly all the way to somewhere in hopes of finding tickets outside the gates.

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