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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Or when the door is cracked open all night.
Or when the keys are in the CAR door in the driveway.
OR when you leave the window shades open while you are drying your hair, naked.
Yep. Not me of course. Just saying.


Well at least they're not sitting in the car with the doors locked. That would of been bad.


Uggh, that's frustrating. I usually use my keys as a reminder. Like if I have to drop something in the mailbox, I'll leave my keys on top of the envelope. Now let's see, if I let the keys in the lock, that would probably remind me to lock the door. Does that work? :)


Oh, I've never done THAT before. (I'm lying.)


That sounds almost as bad as the time that I spent 20 minutes looking for my hairbrush. Guess where it was? In my LEFT hand at my side. I somehow ignored the fact that I was holding something. Boy did I feel silly and very blonde at that moment.


Ah, man, been there... ;)


good thing you'd invested in good locks, eh?

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