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Tuesday, August 08, 2006



I usually get a really great idea and then forget it before I can whip out something -- anything -- to write it down on!


The same reason I get my best ideas when I am driving and not near a computer. :(


Happens to me too... then as soon as I get back to the computer I forget my idea.


Something about Murphys Law and all that, I suppose.


Murphy's Law. You just have to jot the basic idea down on paper or a notecard, and then develop it fully later.


I'm such a dork. I'll write down ideas with pencil and paper if I'm not near the computer. It always seems to happen that the best ideas come and would go if I didn't write them down right away!:)


Ugh I HATE that!!


I wanna know why I come up with the best blog posts as I'm falling asleep?


Easy. If the computer is still working, enter it in Notepad or something and save it until your net access comes back.

No need to stop because you can't get on the net.

It's a computer - USE IT! :)

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