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Wednesday, May 31, 2006



It's great that they have memories like that.


I'm sure you aren't the only one either...


And thanks for sharing some beautiful memories of your dad - my tomatoes aren't bursting (yet) but, I'll be thinking of him, when they do.


We leave so many memories behind and we never know which ones will be the ones remembered and cherished. I always feel my dad looking over my shoulder when I work on a sprinkler system for the garden. He was so calm and patient and slow-but-steady when he helped us put in our first irrigation system in our first home. I still feel the connection. Hope your whole family is doing okay--it takes time.


My Dad died 11 years ago this May, and my kids were 8 & 12. We all still miss him dearly, because he was such a sweet soul, in a huge frame, but now we think of him with fondness, rather than sadness.


This is a lovely post, full of great memories. It reminded my of my grandfather & his vegetable gardens. I have a 14 yr old boy, who is much the same way. have a good weekend...


Oh Chana that is so sweet and sad. When I think of your blog I always think of how wonderful it is to read about the closeness you and your dad shared.


Chana, what a wonderful post.

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