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Tuesday, May 02, 2006



Cute bunny! She looks SO much like a toy bunny I had as a little girl. However, my "bunny" was a boy named Harvey. I took one look at this picture and thought, "look, it's Harvey!". Not a cute girl name, but it could be short for something french. :) What does your dog think about a bunny? Oh the blog entries that will come.


Stew! Oh, not very feminine, is it? Um, Kabob! No, that's a little too masculine sounding as well. How 'bout Fricassee? Saute? Filet? Gumbolina? ;)


How about OREO! LOL Oh wait... that's my dogs name!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I want to hold her! Maybe her name should be Patches.


She looks a lot like two of our previous bunnies. We found Bun-bun lost under a bush when my boys were small. Later, we acquired another bunny who we named Pinkerton in honor of the Steven Kellogg books featuring his Great Dane who also was a black-and-white spotted cutie. We have aa tradition of naming our female bunnies after flowers, but I have to admit that your pic reminded me a whole lot of a Tribble (which has to be my favorite Star Trek episode).

Danny's Mom

I like the name "Funny Bunny".....thought I would add that to your list of possibles. Bunny (nameless) is way toooo cute. Danny's Mom


I was going to suggest Stew, but Phil already gave you that one... what's wrong with just bunny? I've seen house bunnies before that were more cuddly than cats--which doesn't take much depending on the cat. I think my dog would try to herd the bunny around and give it a heart attack.


how about blackberry or perhaps something totally befitting a show queen--Juliet? or something totally trashy befitting a trashy show queen like Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson?


Lynn, oh yes.. new blog material is coming up-- i'm sure of it. ;)

Phil, I meant name for the BUNNY as a PET, not a recipe? lol

Krusty, Go back to the drawing board honey...

Cher, that sounds like a good one actually

pogonip, i LOVE pinkerton! in case you couldn't tell, pink is my favorite color. What thought you put into naming. Me likes!

Danny's Mom, Thanks!

sage, I am having to keep Buster away from the bunny for now. He is very 'curious'. Again w/ the stew name? Sheesh! lol

gigem, Blackberry is cute too!

ozone ferd

Call her Domino and while you're readin this...put on the Ozone Ferd shirt and take a pic...

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Well, that is the cutest dearst face in the whole world, (except for my cat, of course..)
Very dear little Bunny...How about "Cuddles"? I know that is a silly name, but...

Here from Michele this A.M.


I had bunnies growing up, one was Leo & the other two were Sugar and Spice.

I think bunnies are the easiest of animals to name because they are so cute! I like Patches.


Defintely a Dottie.
The cutest bunny ever!
Thanks for sharing.

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