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Friday, May 05, 2006



That's hilarious!! I luurrrves me some puns!

(I love your profile photo too.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Hehe. Chili sounds SO good! Enjoy it!


Don't forget to put all your mayonnaise in the sink, as is traditional on this auspicious day.


Oooops, to bad for Mexico...
Good luck to you, chili is soooo good :D


Be careful waving that Mexican flag--or just don't sing the national anthem while doing it, at least not in Spanish.

Good luck with your chili cookoff. Where I use to live, I was in a cookoff every year--a fund raiser for the Child Abuse Prevention Council. One year I won, one year I received the hottest (use Korean Hot Pepper Paste) and a couple of years I got honorable mention. Of course, being from NC, I had to use a lot of "pig meat" in my recipe. One of the local Texans would also register a complaint.

Miss Cellania

Remember, "there's no mayonaisse in Ireland".




I was totally believing that story!

Okay the Aerosmith video to the right is freaking me out - those band members are so well-preserved they remind me of the corpses preserved in plasticine which are on display here at the science museum.


I like my mayo with wasabi. Two reasons for tears when it goes down... ;)

Happy Mother's Day!


Actually, what happened was that during the Spanish American War, the Mexicans had a battleship named the Mayo. It was responsible for the sinking of many American ships. Eventually the American Navy gathered a large number of battleships and destroyers with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing the Mayo. Their battle cry became "Sinko the Mayo", which they finally did.

Much later during WWII a similar incident happened with the German battleship the Bismark.

Thank god for 1800 Anejo pure agave.

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