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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I like the name Higgins...that was my bunny's name years ago.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Oh dear, Lucky You! (lol) Disgusting...!

Here from Michele's..Love the picture of your Bunny...!


Hi Chana,

We've met before...I'm Russell's wife and Karen is my good friend. I remember hearing about your blog a while back from either James or Karen. I hear my daughter, Claire is very fond of you. Thanks for carrying her around with ya'll. (Today at Walmart, she laid down in the shopping cart. Sound familiar?)
Also, I think your cute little bunny needs a name like "Smudge". That's kind of how I look after I've cried if I'm wearing non water-proof mascara.ha-ha See ya later:)


did she have plumber's crack? tell me she didn't have plumber's crack!


here via michele today.


It's because deep down, you truly love the scent, so you subconsciously seek out the optimum spot for olfactory enjoyment.

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