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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Poor guy!

My husband is a veteran, too. It's taken a long time to realize that because all my life I've thought of my late father and my late grandfather and late great uncle as veterans and they are all deceased. I married my husband when he was in the services and when he got out, he was referred to as a veteran and it was just so strange. I kept thinking, "He never fired his gun in battle - just in practices."


Heh...the Spouse Thingy served for 20 years and still wrestles with the idea that he's technically a veteran. But he was never shot at, so he figures he was just an "active duty member" now retired...

Mom Kathryn

Danny was in the Air Force, Clovis AFB, New Mexico
Michael (#2 son) served in the Army (2 tours in Germany
Danny's Dad (God Rest His Soul) served 27 years in the Navy
I also served as a US Navy Wave for a short time until I married and was, as they say "with child" (namely Beloved Boyfriend)
Thank-you for Honoring Veterans for the time, the sacrifices, the lonely Holidays and most of all because we did something special. Mom of Beloved Boyfriend

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