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Tuesday, April 04, 2006



You could also use the phones to call him to dinner.


Wouldn't it be easier to call time? Lol!


HAHA... I have to say that cracks me up, but doesn't surprise me!


I have a pair of friends in their 20's who are roommates (not mine--each other's). Their rooms are RIGHT accross the hall from each other. If they leave their doors open, they can SEE each other. But they still use instant messenger to talk to each other rather than yell or get up. So if that's any indicator, Shane won't get over this "phase" for at least another 10 years :)


hehe, the blessings of cell phones :D LOL



Sad, but I have been known to do that in my home too. Just so much easier sometimes.

Surfing blogxplosion and found yours. I love your blog and will be visiting often.


Makes perfect sense, as long as you aren't paying your own cellphone bill.


That is the funniest thing ever. The sheer laziness of it reminds me of me.


here's a thought...he could have just looked at the time on his phone.


Oi! Normally I would say lazy, but her probably didn't want to walk on those floors.


Yeah...that is something I would do! I have the weather e mailed to my inbox every morning. Whatever happened to looking outside? (As my defense the weather can change from bright sunshine to torrential downpour in a matter of minutes them back again.)


as a teenager i had my own phone line with it's own number in my bedroom. i used to call my mother to ask her what was on tv because i didn't have a guide in my room. i would call to ask what was for dinner. i would call to say hi, i'm calling. she had a good sense of humor about it but would ocassionally tell me to go suck an egg.

Miss Cellania

This is a comic strip. Really. Its called Zits.


Sally, Don't tempt me

Laura, I am programming that number into his phone as we speak :)

Krusty, I knew it would...

Phil, Yippee!

annebrit, I know! Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! lol

sugarmama, thanks!

superhappyjen, true -- now that I think about it

Jay, I'm sure you make your Mom proud too! ;)

Colleen, Oh please! lol

Jazzy, yeah! That was it!

Barbara, Do you still live with your Mom?

honestyrain, You are right. He just wanted to hear my voice! ;0)

Miss Cellania, My life in the funny pages! Great!


He's the son of a videogames maker. What did you expect? :)

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