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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Hey there's nothing wrong with having cereal for breakfast. That got me through 5 years of university life. Just need to find a cereal that the boys like. I personally love Vectors.

Oh maybe try giving them only croissants for a week straight and see what they would say. Hehe.


Maybe you should try something really horrible for breakfast, like cream of celery soup, and they would see that cereal isn't so bad. I personally didn't like cereal as a kid, and grew up eating all sorts of different kinds of toast for breakfast. Cinnamon toast, peanut butter toast, etc..... At least your kids don't spit their food back at you anymore.


Leftover pizza. It's the breakfast of champions. :)


We couldn't exist without frozen waffles and PopTarts. 16-yr. old will eat a granola bar in the car...12-yr. old eats lunch at 10am!! so rarely eats breakfast (bad Mom!)

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