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Monday, March 06, 2006



I'll just go ahead and answer that one... Serious enough that he got the privledge to meet the one and only KRUSTY!!!


Well, serious enough to introduce him on my blog...for whatever that is worth to you. Maybe you should hang around sometime and meet him. You missed a great dinner a few nights ago! ;0)


I wasn't invited.. but I heard it was delicious!!!! I am so jealous!


I'm kinda late on the uptake here, but... Hello, Danny! Nice to "meet" you! :)


Cute Danny. You go girl!

Mr. Nukin King

Danny Smanncy Pants!!!!
Looks aren't everything!!!
But can he really cook????
We'll see on the Fourth if he's up to the challenge!!!!
Yea!! Thats a Gauntlet OK!!!!
Bring it on !! You and your best George Foreman Grill!!!
See Ya There!!!! We'll See how good this fancy smancy really is then!!!
Only then will we know if he's a keeper!!!
Till then!!!! King Nuke!!!!
By the way, this should in no way interfer with any upcomming invites to dinner!!!
I'm starvin over here!!!


I havent been by for quite a while. Arent I lucky I chose today to pop by? Nice to meet Danny, he sure looks like a nice fella.


Hi Danny! Nice to meet you :D


Hello, Danny...nice to see you...with Chana!

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