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Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Yes........and don't think that #6 slipped by me unnoticed! I've been "patiently" waiting for DETAILS girl!!!


Off with Feb and on with March... The BEST month out of the YEAR... Especially today...


Ah yes, the "wings" at Hooters. Mmmm . . . wings. ;)

Poor Buster. He's gonna be your kicking boy any time any guy ticks you off, huh? lol


Very fast thinking on your son's part even if you didn't buy it. I can relate to the need of cleaning off desk but personally I need a 31 day month to accomplish that.

Miss Cellania

Can you expand a bit on #6? Thanks!

angela marie

Sounds like a good start to the month!!


I know I'M ready for March. ;)


i'm ready for march because after march is APRIL and the snow has to be gone by april, right???

Petite Mommy

Sounds like an entertaining February. My month was like that too! I'm glad it's March and then April so the warm weather will be here again SOON!


I'm with Keith regarding the desk clearance... but my mess is ALWAYS only on the left hand side of the monitor....

I hope March is good to you...


Wow! You cleaned your desk? Now I kinda feel like I should clean mine as well... Been thinking about it for a few months now.. (Ok.. Probably a year or so.. hehehe)

Have a Tasty Weekend! :-D



I want to see Pics of # 6 :)

March already! the year is flying by already. soon we'll be getting out christmas decorations again.


I ate at Hooters last night for my second time too! I got some Hooters clothing now!

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