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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



When you find out at what stage they stop being puppies and turn into good dogs, lemme know. My 10 year old Golden is still in that "puppy" stage :)


Nope, I don't think they ever stop being puppies...


I would take that to mean that he wants a new leash. That or you didn't take him for a walk fast enough. Or quite simply, he doesn't like the leash. Or in puppy talk it could just mean, "Hey, that tasted good. What's next?"


LOL! Tell Buster I said thanks for the laugh! :)


If we leave the leash on Katie for too long w/o watching her she chews it into pieces too. When Katie turned 1 year old it was like over night she immediately became better. Not great, sometimes not even good, but better. She's still a horrible walker though, pulls on the leash the entire time.

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