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Wednesday, February 08, 2006



I'll take some of that Turkey bacon also.... Make mine extra crispy too.. :)



MMMM.... That turkey bacon is GOOOOD!!!! When do I get to spend the night and have breakfast again?

Mama B

I have a daughter who is a morning creature from the black lagoon so I can relate to that!! LOL

I love crispy turkey bacon!!


Can't say I've had turkey bacon before. I should give it a try next time.. I'm lazy in the morning so it's usually cereal for me.


Turkey bacon. I've had turkeys. We sent them in for "processing" and no bacon came back. So I want to know what the heck happened to my bacon!!


I'll have to try some turkey bacon - what brand is it?


If only the internet had smells--the smell of bacon frying in the morning--it'd take me back to my grandparents home.

gobbling up... gud un!

angela marie


Aunt Tricia

Well, enjoy the bacon but not hard on the "not morning son" - he must have got it from his Aunt Tricia. Besides, at those great teen years, that was probably a good response!!! LOL

Petite Mommy

I love turkey bacon but I hate turkey sausage. My 2 baby boys don't like either...


Wow... wanna make breakfast some day before I get out of Dodge? lol


Tell Shane I am with him. Turkey bacon is best enjoyed after 12:00 noon. Mornings are not a happy time even with turkey bacon.

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