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Monday, January 23, 2006



Ouch!! Good luck.


Oh my goodness! That looks very painful. I'm glad you are rid of it!

Mama B

Oooh.....OUCH!! That's looks like it would hurt.


I am so happy that I have not had to deal with that. You are a stronger person than I am. :)


Ouch! Hope everything's a-okay now.

Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

Good luck at the doctor's office. Hope and prayers that all is well.

Keep smilin'

ozone ferd

Ewwww. I would hate to have to pass that down my urinary tract...


OMG, you had a penny removed from your kidney? That must have hurt like... :) Take care of those kidneys!!


Holy Moly! That is a big one! My husband has had that twice, but it was not that big. Good luck at the doctor!


Wow. That had to hurt.


Ow Ow Ow! the Spouse Thingy has to have one removed, but they went up through his winky and snagged it that way to pull it out. And he still has at least 16 of the suckers floating around in his kidneys, just waiting to strike.... Yours was pretty freaking big!


Call me and give me an update!!! Hey, that was pretty smart taking a pic with the penny to give us a better visual of the size. - how cool you are!!!


Be sure that the doctor tells you what the stone was composed of because you might need to change your diet so that you don't have a repeat performance. Owwie!!!

Bruce -- Harper Blue

That does look pretty big; glad you're rid of it.

But have you thought of putting it up for auction now?


That does look pretty big. My dad had to get a kidney stone removed recently.

Hope you're feeling better. :)


Good luck. I have passed two. Mine weren't quite that big. One came right through (smooth surface) and the other (rough surface) took five weeks to come out. No pain actually coming out through Mr. Manlyhood--thank goodness for that. However, tons of pain when in the kidney and coming down the ureters. Hope you have recovered! Happy Weekend.


Well, you should have asked me before you went to the DR - you see I have an uncle who not only has been abducted by aliens, (TRUE STORY) but has his own remedy for the stones that involves castor oil, laying on your right side, Pilates moves, and excruciating pain.
Okay, maybe not the best cure, but sure makes for a great post/comment.


Oucheewawa! I bet you are glad that baby is out!
(You didn't do anything weird like keep it so you can show it to the nieghbor's did you? Cuz that would be a little freaky...I'm just sayin'...)


How Many MMs was that stone? i currently have a 8mm in my right side and 5mm in my left. my back is SO SORE TODAY. CONSTANT DISCOMFORT. if i was u i wouldve kept the stone. I CANT WAIT TO MEET MINE AND NAME THEM. THEYRE LIKE MY BABIES. wish me luck.


Update. That 8mm Stone Is Actually A 12mm Stone. Im Going To Have Lithotripsy On Monday. Im Scared As Hell.

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