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Monday, November 07, 2005



Call me - you must be up very late!


My parents celebrated their 50th last summer and as happy as I was for them I had the exact same thought you did about that type of relationship eluding me. However, don't give up.


A year ago I was thinking the same thing about myself....amazing the difference a year can make ...don't ever give up hope.

Kennedy's Daddy

Long time, no post. Thatys what I have searched for as wella dn obviously not found it. I think it only exists for them

Plain Jane

Never is a very very long time...


You might just find it if you'd go on some dates! :)


My parents have a great marriage too and I think that is one of the reasons why I am single. My ideals are very high and I am not able to settle for anything less than what they have.


What Danny said. ;)


That is so sweet!


Your parents sound wonderful. So are mine. I don't ever remember hearing them argue when growing up. Even as an adult, I can only recall hearing harsh words between them once (and they were pretty mild). Like you, I wonder why I've never found that. Maybe it has to do with the fact they have always been content... and contentment has often alluded me (and undoubtedly a lot of other folks too).


So nice. So sweet. Some men out there still do that, especially as we mature. We remember our parents and watch our grandparents. They knew how to be compassionate and considerate back then, and it is something that we need to teach our boys and girls today!

I love this blog, and have added it to my favorites folder if you don't mind to much!

Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

Well, my own parents split this spring after 45 years. Though up until that time I believed it was as you described it. And as Just Sue said, a year ago I never would have believed I could find it, but a year can make a huge difference. Things are definitely headed that way for me now. Hugs and prayers, anything is possible, if you give it up to Him.


Oh, Chana, never say never. Simply missing out on it now may mean that it is being stocked up for you sometime in the future. And not having it doesn't mean that you don't deserve it...because you deserve every ounce of it!


Wow... somebody who gets it. Wow.


Not true - you will have this, I know it. Be patient, grasshoppah, God has a plan for you.

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