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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Joe Siegler

I'm not sure whether to be worried about you with this entry or not, Chana. :(


Hang in there! There are people that care.


Uh oh...I'm with Joe. Talk it out here...

ozone ferd

Hey wassup? email if you wanna converse...just down the street.

you know - wearing that Ozone Ferd shirt will cheer you up...guranteed. And a picture would be great as well! ;-)


At times it is tempting to want to be impervious to pain and void of feeling. Hopefully your day brought some cheer and warmth your way.


Oh I hope this too shall pass. Like Teresa says, talk it out here...the communication will be therapy and, hey, we got your back here!


Sounds like you are having a rough day girl. (((hugs)))


Did you write that?


Hmmmm hope everything is ok. Kinda getting mixed messages here. Hang in there!


sounds to me like the rantings of someone else...not you. I do know how you feel though...


I so wish that was me too.


Yes, I'm okay.
Just more than a little frustrated at times but then again, aren't we all?
This was something I wrote, an original -- I didn't find this anyplace else but I'm sure I'm not the only one that has ever felt this way.
The person/people that have I have allowed to let me feel this way would NEVER think this was about them in a million years anyway. They are oblivious.
I'll just have to cope and look the other way with others' negativity.
I'm learning...


Quite frankly I believe that you only get walked on when you let people do it, you're the only one who can change it.

And why not change it? You're not worth it? It's too much trouble? Easier to be a doormat than have some self respect?

If you don't do something for yourself, nobody else will do it for you.

And if nobody treats you right, then maybe you're not with the right people... get some new ones.


I know how you feel. My only purpose in this life is to stand as a warning to others.

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