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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Scott Miller

Most dogs do the butt tuck while doing the poop walk. Nothing new here. Move along.


I thought only my dog did that! She is just over a year old and finally doesn't move about so much, sometimes. Ug!


Hey at least he isn't using the carpet to wipe himself after taking a dump.

Cecil B.

my dog does that too.


Nothing's "up" with that.

It's more like what's going down? ;)


I am dog wealthy and they all do it! LOL! Have a great weekend!


Ah, the joys of having a dog :D Whish you a good weekend!

If you ever find out, let us know!!


Maybe he is trying to get away from it. You know the smell and everything.


Just to be annoying... that is what I always thought anyway.

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