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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

I am so happy that you are well. Love the pictures of the birthday. I like the hats and the rose was special. Keep smiling.

Busy Mom

Great to see you back!


Nice to see you back Chana! Happy Birthday to Jace!


Good to see a new post. :)

Looks like you guys had lots fun. A Gameboy Advance? Man what a great gift for a 10 year old. I'm so jealous.

The pics are great. Keep smiling. :)

Scott Miller

Better late than never!

Jace had a GREAT time that night, and our knight (out of six) came in second place, and for a time looked like he was gonna win the tourney, so it was really exciting for us.


Keep on truckin', Chana! It sounds like you made a newly-10 year old boy pretty darn happy on his big day!


Welcome back


Happy belated birthday Jace!! Glad he had a great time and that you are keeping your chin up ;)


Thanks for the update. Thinking of you and your family


Happy belated birthday, Jace! Looks like you had a good one.


Welcome back. I've been on a summer hiatus myself. Congrats to the birthday boy. I remember when he was just...eight. Well, your history probably goes back further. They grow up so fast. My little girl is now a senior in high school. Enjoy 'em while you got 'em.


I hope everything is going well. You've been tagged so head over to my place to pick up your assignment. You know...when you have a spare moment??? Bwahaha, spare moment! I bet you don't have many of those.


Welcome back!

Glad you are still kicking. ;)


Ok, so I'm late posting this...but I was peeking at the pics, and Baylee is a bit impressed with Jace! :)


Looks like a great party for a 10-year old. Hey, it looks like it was a great time for everyone!

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