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Tuesday, June 28, 2005



Maybe Mickey stole the charger while trying to find a slice of cheese?

Hmmm where would a 14-year-old hide an Ipod? In his underwear drawer. :P

Joe Siegler

Mom shouldn't have given a gadget to her son in the first place. :)


In your division of property, did you get the camera and your ex the charger? (Let's put a little smile in this saddness)

As for where do kids hide stuff, I figure anything I lent to a kid may not come back... Looking back on it, I think my father was that way too and I believe I still have a 16 inch pipe wrench in my tool box that belongs to him...


Same place as all the missing socks?


Well since school is out I can't say Locker!...that is where all my stuff got "lost" :)


1. In the camera bag? I know that's the logical place to keep it, so that's probably the wrong answer. But maybe it's playing hide-and-seek and figures you'll never look there.

2. Under the pile of clothes in his room? In the refrigerator?

angela marie

Damn kids.

God, I hope it isn't in his stinky underwear pile...


Battery charger .. under the bed? on the floor of the closet?

iPod.. IN his bed? under his pillow?


The junk drawer? On top of the fridge? I'm always loosing things, but Baylee is a professional finder. The kid can find anything. Maybe I should send her over?


I'd definitely be under something...in both cases...:D

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