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Wednesday, May 04, 2005



I love your answers. It would be wonderful to be paid t watch movies as long as it was acceptable to write...didn't see it because I am not interested. How long do you think I could keet THAT job?


so what happened with the garage door this morning? lol..

Scott Miller

Pink light saber, huh. You scare me, Chana.


GREAT answers!!!! Wasn't that fun?? :)


Nice site! I have a pair of those ears! lol

Visiting from Michel's site.


If you ever became a farmer - I'll visit you in the fall :D


Ahh, yes. A proper movie critic. I would love to find one of those. I totally agree. I usually hate the ones they rave about and love the ones they say suck. Thanks for doing the meme.
~Party Pascha


Yes, but as a movie reviewer you'd still have to see a bunch of less than stellar films for free as well. For example, you'd have to sit through all of A View from the Top...LOL

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