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Thursday, May 12, 2005



pretty funny! but looks like the female never did make it into Gap at all! now THAT'S just wrong!


You girls need to admit that's totally true. :p


Of course it's wrong! There're at least 3 stores on that map that the woman never visitted, and to think she got out of there in a mere 3.5 hours . . . eeesh, it is so off the mark. ;)

Joe Siegler

That's an old pic, I saw it years ago, and..

HELL NO - that's dead on totally and absolutely accurate. I find that people who get pissed at it usually are the ones who spend all the extra time shopping.


All I can say is that the map looks exactly like what my wife and I did the last time we were there! ;^)


My map would read like the guy's. I do not like malls.


Steph, That's for the next day!

Tawcan, Yeah, so...?

Phil, I was thinking the SAME thing! ;0)

Joe, How dare you say that! OOps! :X

MrBob, Me and your wife would make great shopping buddies

Amanda, We would not make good shopping buddies! lol

Scott "The Victim" Miller

For Chana, this is just a piece of the picture. Imagine on the way to mall, having to stop at Target, Pier One, Linen & Things, Sam's and the tanning booth!


Hubby took one look at it and said "duh..."

I think I need to go to the mall and buy a big stick!

ozone ferd

ummm no that map looks about right, except I wouldn't buy my clothes from the Gap. I would head straight to Sears or JC Penneys.


Okay, this may be true, but we have way more fun!


So Funny:)


Sad to say, I my case, true!


I'm not sure if it's true or not - but I find it kind of funny ;) And just wait, there is more to say on the male side, I guess he will be back for another 6 minute to shop the thing he forgot to when he was there the first time.... and he might even return for a third time... ;)


I'm so sorry but that is so true LOL


LOL - very funny site.

BTW Michele sent me


Yeah, totally wrong: no woman who's aiming for the Gap is ever going to walk into Sears or JCPenney. Yick. (Do they even have clothes at Sears? Isn't that like appliances and stuff?) Now, if they'd put some nice department stores in there, definitely.


umm...i think that's about right. haha


hahaha... that is so typically me... I can't even argue on that... LOL

Love your blog by the way... blogrolled you


I can honestly say that I'd probably be even quicker than the guys time as I HATE shopping.


Your blue route is off by 90 degrees :) Enter through sears via the exit closest to the big CRAFTSMAN sign. Maybe have enough left over to buy a pair of jeans.


LMAO! :-)
OK, it's wrong, but funny!


I have to say that i agree. That picture is completely wrong. As a man, i'd never shop at gap and i always visit three stores.... all of them videogame stores!

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