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Monday, May 02, 2005



We had the same thing happen- bright sun on the senors of the garage door. So my husband the smart guy that he is put the senors right above the garage door so they no longer get hit by light. They will not sense if something is in the way anymore, which can be bad, but at least the door closes everytime :)


Maybe it is the other way around, maybe he adjusted the sensor so he would HAVE to come back out cause he has a crush on you! huh? huh? Dind't think of that one didja?



I have a pressure setting on my door... not a light sensor, though I've worked with those in alarm systems and dealt with light reflection problems in telescopes. YOu're going to laugh at me but... at times I'm like McGyver on the old TV show: Seems to me a simple and small cardboard-made cone about a half-inch long (Got a toilet paper roll center to cut?) painted black with a touch of school glue placed around the sensor to shade from the light would fix the problem.

Saves money and it definitely worked on a couple of alarm systems I know of. :)


Life is a challenge ;) Nothing gets me angrier than such dead things that just are supposed to work - and then they don't! Grr....


LOL i was going to say what Kismet already said in the comments. ....maybe the garage door guy has a little crush on you! :)


Kismet and Maggie both have a point.

Anyway, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment for me at my place tonight.


Yeah, that happened with my folks' garage door after they had it & the opener replaced. Adjusting the little laser sensor seemed to do the trick. A friend of mine had the same thing happen, and he rigged up a simple hood for the sensors with some short pieces of black PVC (so it only sees things directly in line, rather than catching glare on the lense).

Dawn (webmiztris)

I HATE when something doesn't work and then magically does when I have a damn witness. That whole thing about the sun affecting the sensor sounds like a load of crap, but I guess it is possible.


Doesn't it just drive you nuts when something "works" when the repairman comes and they look at you like you're this dumb broad that just doesn't know any better? Do they really think we're sooo lonely that we make this stuff up so we can have 10 minutes with the repair guy? Geesh!

I hope it works for you tomorrow morning! :)


I have no expertise in that field so I couldn't say. But man, $150 for him to fiddle with some cables! Ugh.

I remember the old days when we had to open the garage doors by hand. Something our children won't be able to comprehend - like turning the tv channels by turning a knob on the front or tv dinners in foil trays that you heat for 30 minutes in the conventional oven or writing a letter by hand, stiking it in an envelope with a stamp to mail it or walking to school, up hill both ways, in a blizzard.


I say it's time for a new opener. You don't need the hassle of having to run in and out of the house. Plus you don't need anymore wasted $150 charges - especially when they didn't FIX the supposed problem.

Party Pascha

Such annoyances! I totally know what you mean about things could be worse, but still . . .
We don't have a garage, but this past winter during an ice storm our driver's side door on the car froze shut. Finally, after much work, my husband got it unstuck. Guess what? Now it doesn't open from the outside. I have to reach in from the back to open it. And that is not easy! I could try to get it fixed, but I don't have the money to do that right now. Oh well. By the way, I am posting again and have invited you to do a meme. Please come visit me again.

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