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Monday, May 16, 2005



Which is why I tend to avoid doing big arm raising back arching stretches.


*gulp* ... I think I need to go back to the gym .... *sobs* ... no more big arm raising back arching stretches ....


Ewww that ominous feeling when warmer weather arrives and you just KNOW a certain amount of unveiling of the winter body is going to happen. I'm glad (and so are my neighbours probably) that we are coming into winter here :P


Theres a picture...

Scott Miller

Chana, you exaggerate! Your backside is perfect. ;-)

Dawn (webmiztris)

ooo boy, you mean I have THAT to look forward to?


LOL. Is it me or are you talking about your back and Scott is thinking about your backSIDE, which usually refers to an area 'just a bit' lower than your back? And yes... evidently ALL of us men think the same way or I wouldn't have mentioned it. ;)


Back boobs.


Phil, So do I -- now...

Katie, I'll be on the treadmill to your left! ;)

DaFFy, Sigh... lol

muzik, Indeed! :(

Scott, hush

Dawn, That and MUCH MUCH more! ;)

MrBob, Hmmm...You ARE a man!

Amanda, Ewwww! I need a back bra now!


eh, fat is fine, unless it's out of control and is detrimental to your health. I'm truly sorry that you females have the burden of dealing with society's norms.

I don't believe in diets, but one of my colleagues has come up with the "Northwoods diet", which actually has a funny story behind it, which was driven by the fact that so many people noticed his weight loss. Of course as word spread, the media took a hold of it and he decided to jokingly name his "diet" but also refused to market it.

With my declining metabolism, the thing that keeps me at a relatively constant weight (which is in his "diet", and I think is the key to it) is simply not to eat after 8:00 pm.

In any event, try not to fret about a few extra pounds. If you look at early paintings, this was seen as beauty, not stigma.


Oh, man. Let's not talk about this kind of stuff. If you can't SEE it, it's not THERE. Okay? Okay. :)


Oh my...I HATE back fat! I have WAY too much of it!! Depressing, ain't it?? :)

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