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Friday, May 20, 2005


Howard McEwen

I got tired of swimming. I jumped in the East Australian Current and let her fly.

GI Wife

boing, boing, boing
hey what was that?
did you see that bright shiny thing?
it went thataway.......
uh oh
happy feelings gone

Nicolette Rivers

I'm very sorry you came to my site and were subjected to tales of a bunny killin' greyhound. ;)


I love Dory...and feel far too much kinship with her for my liking. :-)

Joe Cool - Cowboy Poet

Hi. . . . Keep swimming, yes, that pretty much describes my life most days...... but I like Keep smilin' makes for sunny days......

laura murphy

Oh! I needed to hear that, thanks :)

And thanks for stopping by!


Aw, hugs.

The Village Idiot

we use that one around here a lot too.

watch out for the bright shiny objects, they'll lead you astray every time :)


Yes... I'm finding myself repeating that phrase alot myself lately....

Hope things look up soon!


Swim? I seem to be sinking more than swimming lately. ;)


I like it. Can we chant it together?


That one is heard around here a lot, too. Good mantra! Hang in there!!((hugs))


Hope things are well with you...haven't seen a post in a while....just checking in :o)


Very nice. :)

Joe Cool - Cowboy Poet

Hey where'd ya go for so long......?????? Come back darlin'


Stopping by to say hello...you have not been swimming at your blog in a few days. I hope all is well.


I like your blog. I love Dory. I would love any blog that has Dory! Have a nice holiday. Michele sent me.


hehehe Dory is my hero! She has no bad thoughts what-so-ever! I wish I could be as oblivious of my surroundings as she is :)

Love your blog!

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