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Sunday, January 02, 2005



Soon! Soon! They must bring them back soon! And not just a rerun of the first episode!

My Sunday night routine gets ALL screwed up when they mess wtih Desperate Housewives!


Over here it was for stupid Dynasty crap.


I HATE that!!


We don't have that show here yet (Australia), well as far as I know we don't *rushes off to check TV guide*

Joe Siegler

Chana, I know you and Scott have TiVo. You should have known this before tonight.

You can't act shocked. :)


A perfect world would be one wherein Desperate Housewives is a daily soap. Waiting a whole week is hard enough, but reruns and then summer ... pure hell.


Don't you hate that! We are all in withdrawels around here too. Including my hubby!


I know, I know. I hate that! On top of that, the Cowboys lost. Thit!
No Boston Legal, either.


It's terrible! No Desperate Housewives and no Denny Crane for another whole week. I'm getting awfully snarly!

anne berit

Hi! We don't have the show running, but I sure know the feeling! Seems like sport is very important to some people, guess it is where the networks find their money. Here in Norway sports even canseled a childrens adventsprogram in december - because the network thought the sport was more important, I guess, than all the kids waiting for a new episode of their favorite show....

Oh, and yes: It makes me angry ;o)


Happy New Year. I HATE football. Even if all the players were actually cast members of THE O.C. I still would hate it!!


I'm jonesin' for some D.Houswives!


Isn't it depressing? Since I've been a SAHM it seems I rarely know what day it is anymore, so yesterday I get so excited when I realize it's Sunday - Desperate Housewives-Night...then see it's some Dynasty movie. Ugh!

I missed seeing Boston Legal, too. I was surprised to find a really like that show a lot!


Uh... It's too dangerous to comment about football and the Cowboys, I see... hehehe ;)


We had that dorky TV movie on the making of Dynasty, too. It was terrible. Bring back our Desperate Girls!!!!!


I'm right there with you on this one! I am in Desperate Withdrawal! Bring back Susan and her dumb luck...bring back Bree(Brie?)and her anal retentive Stepford Wives-ness...bring em all back for a new episode..can't they see we are DESPERATE?? :)


It especially bites when you live in Canada and couldn't CARE LESS about the Tidy Bowl, or Toilet Bowl, or Soup Bowl! Meh!


IF you hadn't already seen it, you could have gotten a bit of a fix on Oprah today. BUT it was WAY old and that part was no fun! How many hours 'til Sunday?


I heart the desparate housewives! Cant wait for next week's episode.

I came across your blog via emptynest and your blog name caught my eye.

So "HI" and Happy 2005!

Joe Siegler

Er, it wasn't even supposed to be on!


I also find it amusing this insane attention to this show. I suspect it will burn out like a lot of other shows that have had this same kind of initial buzz.

Pink Sun Drops

*L* I was hooked on that show for a few weeks, but it got just a tad too soap operaey for me. That and my MIL having to record it for me every Sunday because we don't have cable I gave up. My sister keeps me up to date any way :)


Surely to goodness this was the last week of Desperate Housewifes being pre empted. Between them, and Lost re-runs, and even Amazing Race recaps, its been a pretty lousy couple of weeks for TV. Freedom after tonight, at least I think...


The world is coming to the BCS, baby. The BCS. Oh well, college football fix is done. Enjoy the show until playoff time!


I noticed they have reruns. Does anyone know where and when???

Gwen Fox

Hey this is stupid...what happened to the show? My husband and I are not happy about this at all!!! IF IT WORKS...LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!
NOW, BRING IT BACK!!!please....

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