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Wednesday, December 29, 2004



I am NOT a snake-lover!! That bad-boy would have seen my shovel before my hands! ha!

Btw... are you SURE the snake didn't get out in the car and they're just telling you they dumped it in the pond?? hehehe

Scott Miller

I have to explain that I had the gloves because until I pulled it out from the wall, I wasn't positive that it was not poisonous. Turns out it was just some sort of large grass snake, a little ill-tempered at first, coiled and ready to bite. But after we took it down to the nearby pond I handled it some more and calmed it down, and was able to hold it like a pet snake. It was a little sad to let the little fella go, but after all, it was born free, and that's how it should stay.

We've got lizards galore around our house, but this is the first snake I've seen here in four years. Hope it's not the last.


I agree with MrBob...it would have been curtains for mr. snake...lol

**makes my skin crawl*


Oh how awful for you. That snake would have met a very different fate at my place. Also, we're in shorts too.


Ewwwwwwww!!! I would've been running off down the road....


I tried to throw a snake from my yard into the creek across the street, but it just surfaced and swam back, got out, and came back to the yard. Now I just give them a wide berth, as a whole snake family takes up residence in the same place in the yard each spring.


Ewwwww!!! I have the willies just looking at the picture!!!


Yuck Yuck Yuck- is all I have to say! Yuck!


MrBob, Please don't make me anymore paranoid than I already am!

Scott, And I hope that it is!

J.T., Mine too!

aussiemama, Doesn't it stink to have to shave your legs in December! ;)

Andrena, The pictures you see here were in ZOOM mode -- I was nowhere close! lol

Scooterdeb, I don't see HOW you do it!

Julia, I still have them..

Amanda, I have more to say: Yuck, Yuck, Yuck..!


Even though it sucks that we can't wear shorts here in Canada in December, we don't have snakes roaming around either! hehehe


HOLY COW! And I freak out if I see a teeny tiny garden snake in our yard!

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