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Thursday, December 30, 2004



Number 3 is me to a tee. I don't know why, but I absolutely cannot order the same thing as anyone else.


I've been skydiving daily for a week, and lemmi tell you:


OMG I don't have to make my own list because everything on your list is mine except for #11 and 15! I may still "borrow" this and try to come up with some new ones.


Ha! Number 12 there... I'm a life member of the United States Chess Federation... as to understanding men, we're not hard to understand - we just always think completely opposite is all. ;)

Ryan Maynard

I used to have a friend who couldn't stand to order the same thing as anyone else. I'd always ask him what he was getting and order it before him. Or I'd let him order it first and then get it.


I'm with ya on the fetal pig. I failed biology because I REFUSED to do that. I can still remember that smell...disgusting.

Joe Siegler

Oh feh. You could pull off Number 9 - I have no doubt of that.


yup, i'll agree to 90% of those.

and i may just have to create my own such list.


I haven't done a list, but I think you and I would get along great. I agree with about half, and disagree with about half, and I've found that the best friends are enough like you to give you something in common and enough different to keep you interested.


You know, you should NEVER say never. You don't know where it could lead!

Pink Sun Drops

Oh my gosh!! I was just looking at your pics and your nephew is so adorable I can't stand it! I love the one of him and the teddy bear - I just love when babies sleep like that!!

A Touch of Style

I must be one of the few that has never sat down to do a list, but it looks like fun. Must put it on my to-do list for 2005! Looking forward to getting to know me just a little better.



I love your list! I don't know how you are able to come up with all of these all the time. Ask me to list 5 things about me and I can't LOL Happy New Year

Mellie Helen

I have the same problem with you on Number 9. Geez, don't these guys ever get a clue?...

Happy New Year!


Oh wow, what a great list! I love your site by the way...How do you POSSIBLY get all the "Currently feeling..." and "currently happy beacuse..." things??? is it part of the design for your site or...??? :-)


HAHAHAHA...50 Things. You are going to make me work to find fifty things. I'll have to think about this.


Aww, no aliens? The rest make sense, but you'll NEVER believe in 'em? Ever? LOL


Awesome list Chandra. Your's is MUCH funnier than mine. You constantly crack me up.

xx Jenny


I will never:

stop being your friend.

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