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Monday, November 22, 2004



i hear ya!! most of those are my gripes about the grocery store as well!


I've been to the grocery store three times yesterday and today! two times I made a list, and two times I left it on the kitchen table. Somebody smack me!

StuNNer Baybee

Meh, There not that funny...

Anyway..Heres some better ones:

1..When people say In a movie “did u see that?” No dumb ass I paid 7.50 to watch the ceiling for 2 hours

2..When people say can I ask u a question? Didnt really give me a choice there mate..

3..When people say can I borrow a peice of paper? Ahh..yea, how about u keep it! i dnt want it back!

4..When people call and say hi its me! How a, I supposed to know who me is...

5..When people say THINK QUICK and throw something at u!
WTF dude how about u let me think before u hit me in the face.


Hahah Much funnier thatn urs!

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