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Thursday, October 21, 2004



LOL! I'd be exactly like you in this situation. And my husband would be your husband. Usually our situation is:

Husband's beeper goes off. Loudly.
He glances at it for 2 seconds. No fumbling around. Nothing. Then, he's totally back to sleep.

Meanwhile, I'm wide awake for the next 2 hours. At least!


Men can be so melodramatic! Oy!


Did you clap your hands in delight in the morning as you pointed out - look you have both hands?

Pink Poppy

LOL! No, I mean I am laughing REALLY hard out loud! I HATE that, too. Once I am awake I can NOT go back to sleep. I feel your pain...but I'm still LMAO!


Hey, I wouldnt joke about becoming an amputee in ur sleep. One time while i was in 'Nam, 'ol Stoney Buttkins fell asleep and woke up the next morning and it was gone. Come to find out, "charlie" had come in the middle of the night and took it. Yeah, lets see u laugh about that one now ms. sissy prissy

Busy Mom

I would have screamed loudly and pretended I was asleep when he shot up to see what was wrong.


For laughs, some night when he is sound asleep, reach out and grab his arm and say, "Honey, wake up. I think my water broke!" Make him think for a moment. Then say, "Sorry, I was just having a dream."

Sweet N Sassy

Once I am awake I have a very difficult time going back to sleep but the most difficult thing is getting over the initial shock.


It was probly that XL sticker got too tight around his arm and cut the blood off!
That IS!!!! where he put it wasn't it?



Tony Huddleston

As much amused as all of you are at this, I have a similar tale- only it's the man's point of view.
Albeit that I'm already handicapped (paralyzed from the chest down), I have to empathize with your husband AND you.
One night, a couple years after getting married, I woke up because of my arm. I'd fallen asleep on my back with my right arm dangling off the bed. I guess it's weight pulled just hard enough on the nerves that it fell Completely to sleep. Now, That being said, I have to tell you some background information. My wife and I were living in my grandma's house. She (grandma) had had two strokes in her lifetime and was now passed on. With that in mind and where I was living, sleeping in her old bedroom, when I woke up not being able to feel my entire arm, and only being half concious- I naturally Freaked. All I could get out of my mouth was "Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh!" and with my other hand, tried desparately to pick up the "dead" arm. Meanwhile, my poor wife (who had to be at work early the next morning) was just waking up from my noise. I could barely make out a sentence by this time and, hearing her rustling about, called her name, "Bree" I said. She replied something like "honey- you OK?". I finally told her I couldn't feel my right arm. Heart racing and my mind filled with the thought that I was already paralyzed and didn't really need another part of my body paralyzed, I tried my hardest to gather up my arm and lay it on my chest. It only made it to my stomach (wich I can't feel). Now I finally started waking up. Bree was already in alert status and ready to kill some un-suspecting intruder. I told her what'd happened and she laughed. I too found it a bit amusing, and we cuddled and she stoked my arm as the nerves began to regain their sensations.
It was really freaky. Normally, when my arm/s go to sleep, I have the same sensations I have in my paralyzed lower limbs... You know, the "pins and needles" feeling (called phantom pains). But this had been different. There was Absolutely NO feeling in that arm. It was if it were dead, or didn't even exist, but it was there. Hanging from my body as if it were something that had grown overnight.
I think I'd rather endure childbirth than to go through that again.
Thanks for letting me post.
Tony Huddleston


I also think it was the XL sticker. Sounds like you needed some Melatonin. It works wonders in situations like that.

Vulture 6




sorry. didn't mean to wake you again. But I AM SO LAUGHING OUT LOUD AND CAN'T STOP! I kept laughing at all the comments too! I am still laughing! and trying not to wake sleeping husband next to me. however, now i am thinking that this is near to impossible since he slept through a HURRICANE once. So, I will just keep laughing out loud. Thanks Chana for the good belly workout.

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