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Saturday, October 23, 2004



"Munchy Alert" stuff IS great I just tried it. I placed the mix on the table in the hall. I wonder how long it will be there.... :-)


I like it with cashews too!

The Zero Boss

Have to admit, I'm a standalone candy corn kinda guy. But I'll try anything once...


Ooh, that sounds good to me... now. A friend told me the same thing a few weeks ago when we were discussing Halloween candy we'd bought lately (Her: Slo Pokes/Me: Bottle Caps), and I initially thought "ugh!" But now that you mention it tasting like Paydays, it DOES sound good. I can totally visualize the flavor now.

BTW, have you ever tried crumbling a fortune cookie over vanilla ice cream? Oh yeaaaaah, that's the good stuff!

-Kirk :)


Sounds pretty darn good! I'm a Payday lover and will definitely try it!

(Nice site, found you through blog explosion)


My kids brought that idea home from school years ago. You're right, it's delish!

coco church

Can't wait to try this sticky little numberon my office - might shut them all up for a while!!!



mmmm -- sounds super yummy. Will have to try it!

Scott Miller

I hate to be corny, but this idea is nuts.


Now that's a recipe that even I can make!


sounds good ;o)

Pink Poppy

Yes...and WHY did I need to know this? I thank you, but my lower abdomen will not. ;)

Mrs Darling

Hey i surfed in on Blog explosion and I love the recipe. I actually came to the computer to find a recipe for a Halloween snack. Then I started surfing and then I .. well you know how addicting it all can be. Thanks for the recipe.

Hi Chana,
Thanks for typing in my head.
There was a guy in the dorms when I was in college who, if you came to his room, would ask you before anything else: "did you bring me candy corn?"
Thanks for wrenching me away from blog explosion: I have to go to the store now : )

Dave Diamond

Thanks a lot, that sounds way too good for me to resist! I'm limited in my candy options, because I don't like chocolate. I'll give this a try!!

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