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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Texas T-bone

There are tons of places you can get shot in the Dallas area. That's why you should avoid some places at night.

The shortage is because a British company (one of two main suppliers to the U.S.) lost its license and cannot export vaccines anymore. That happened just early this week. There had been flu shot clinics over here near Fort Worth the past week or so because they didn't realize the supply was going to be so low. I was told just last week that the supply was expected to be more than adequate.


Another question - how do they even know which flu strain to make vaccines for? It seems they never get that right, either.

I don't get flu shots. I'll wait until I'm a high-risk elderly person.


I heard that some of the vaccine was contaminated and had to be destroyed. Hopefully more will be in before the flu hits. I'm going to pass again this year and let the more high risk folks get it first.


YUp, I heard what both Ken and T-Bone heard. I've never gotten a flu shot though I was really sorry about that when I got the flu last year.

Patti Womack

Well it has been a long time since I've talked with you. I know that you had a wonderful tine in Italy. The pictures are just amazing -- When are we going to get together for lunch?

What was some of the things that you bought -- would you recommend going? Are you feeling better now?

Scott Miller

Well, it's hard to get a flu shot for a lot of us, but never fear:


Scott Miller

I assumed that the link could be clicked, but looks like you'll need to copy and paste it to your browser's address bar.

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