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Wednesday, October 13, 2004



I'll be honest, Starbucks kinda scares me. I stick to the frappacinos as an occasional treat.


When I used to live in the northwest, there were little espresso stands on almost every corner. I loved the fall so I could get the triple shot pumpkin one. Enjoy the starbucjks version!

Johnnie Walker

Starbucks = The Borg of coffee. ;)

Rachel AnnR

LOL, so much for customer service. I take it a Soy Chai Latte is one made with soy milk and that Chai whatever stuff? So how did it taste?


The Mrs. tells me that the pumpkin is fabulous!


Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the laugh. I miss Starbucks so much since we've moved to Germany! My husband claims that our little gas station has pretty good coffee but I havent tried it yet. And he bought me an espresso machine but I just cant get it right. Man I wish we had a Starbucks around here.


I am a fan of Starbucks however I am never able to order my selection correctly. I think Starbucks has their own language. Only in coffee talk is a small a short and a large a grande.

It is java-scary

Dave Diamond

that is funny. I get one gingerbread latte per year. otherwise it's a tall drip for me.


Ugh, I've had Starbucks employees correct my pronunciation of some of those Italian words. So much pressure to get it right!


grande mocha frapaccino, with whip -- can't be beat for the caffeine and sugar buzz.


I feel your pain, I over heard a women order a Tai Chi at Starbucks.

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