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Sunday, July 18, 2004



that's my dad....sigh

Kennedy's daddy

Glad ya'll had fun. Kennedy is HUUUUGE!!!! I swear he looks as if he were 10/11 mos old instead of just 6

Garland Fire Chief

Sorry to ruin the shower Mam! But! We had reports of a huge Smoke Cloud over this way and some kind of foul Oder in the Air. We thought that the Garland Dump was on fire and were a Bit puzzled to find it comming from the Vent Pipes on your House.Good luck to the Bride Mam. We have spare Gas masks availible to the Guest if you need them. I'm sure that they may desire them!!Ah Huh Ah Huh!


O.k. so In my defense I didn't know there were TWO candles that I needed to look out for while ironing! I had blown out one of them! All well it was in the middle... No one could tell! LOL! That's me the HELPER! lol

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