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Friday, July 23, 2004


Betty's aunt

Yes, we asked and you are quick!




Beautiful Beta{great pictures}! We had once, "He" lived among a plant in a vase. Fun to watch... fun pet until a mirror gets involved. They get tired and soon have to depart to the happy-land-of-fish heaven. Hope your weekend is a good one.


Pretty fish! Have a good weekend to you too.


Purrrr, purrr...


Kennedy's daddy

Betty should now be called bobby cause that is a boy
The female betas dont have long fins, the look more like guppies, so to speak. So on that note, "Hi BOB!!


Speaking of boys and pictures, when can I get some new ones of KENNEDY?

Max  Coustou

That would be correct. Not to bust your Bubble---- But Betty looks more like a BOB!!!
Not Bob the Builder though!
Just the facts Mam!!! Now gotta go ! Back to the Ship! You can catch my next special "Beta's of the Lagoon! on your local channels!

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