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Wednesday, June 30, 2004



#24 is the easiest to do.

#50 is pretty damn cruel to the person who would be holding you, isn't it?


I should have known that the testosterone based readers would zone in on 24 the most.

Kennedy's Daddy

Skiing in Canada rocks. Ive done it, its beautiful. I suggest Banff, canada


WOW.. I've done #11, # 24 nd #33. Who would have thought that I would have done things you hadn't! Oh we might not want to go there! lol Just kidding! FUN list!!!!

HO! HUMMM!! Ahhh!!!

No where on there did I see Bait a worm for your sons! But you can do about 60% of the others in Vegas, They got the Eiffel Tower and Venice Boats on the same block, and plenty of places in between to lose your money. And once you've done that you can lay on the Fake Beach at your Hotel and watch the Sunset. So you can basically live your Fantasy in one weekend, and you've still got lots of time to bait the hooks. Oh! Maybe you can practice Saturday at the Lake.


Hey, I'm game! Let's go!


i got my hopes up.. I thought that you meant you were game for the lake! lol


Mardi Gras is a great time. I never been to a place where that large of a crowd and not one bad experience. Everyone there was just out to have a good time.

Even girls who don't flash will have a great time. If you ever make it down look for us on the corner balcony of Dauphine and Bienville.


What a fabulous idea. I should dig out my last goals sheet and see how I did and make some new ones. How often do you read it to make them happen?


I have most of your wishes in my list, done some already.

Last week I got a free cd from Mike Litman, and I have listened every day, and you should do it to.

My goals are more real and close to me now. His site is greatnessheldhostage.com

Let me know.



Already I have done 11 of our common wishes 5,6,7,9,11,12,21,26,32,40,45
for 47 I start using Blog Power rallyhoo.biz

Thanks again for the opportunity to check on my self thru your list


I'd say #47 can be crossed off.

Also, a good one you didn't include on your list will also be crossed off very soon.

Scheduled night...

...but where! ;-)

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.


Nice list! I stumbled on your site while surfing BE and wanted to invite you to submit your list to my Before I'm Gone project at http://beforeimgone.org

#26 is an all time dream of mine, but #34 is mostly what I care about now LOL!!!

Ozone Ferd

#35 - you'll have your chance in June, June 26th I think... mayhaps will see each other there? I'll have to sell an internal organ to afford the ticket.


I Love you girls



I love your list - I've done some of them, but I'm not telling which ones.

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