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Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Always a Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

Oh Yuck... Guess you should have stuck with Lexus! :)

Vats the mattr Sveethrt

And you just thought those Jap Cars were made of used Beer cans. I say BUY Shapaneeese. Can you say L _ _ _ _. I say BUY AMAAREECAN!!! Can you say L _ _ _ _ _ _. Bet that German piece of @#$^&@ can't even haul as many flowers as a L _ _ _ _ can. Thas is not to be used as a piik-up truck either I'm sure the salesman told you. All is not lost though. you can always borrow a good L _ _ _ _ from Vitamita Man. or a good L _ _ _ _ _ _ from your hired help.
Count the Blanks(Thats a hint)


I love my Lexus..
Sorry... cause I love you too.

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