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Sunday, May 16, 2004


Kennedy's daddy

Im not a vegetarian either. But im still a virgin


Hence the name "Kennedy's DADDY"???


hey thats the moms fault for thinking from the other side,she should eat more vegetables to have a quick mind(bumb) !!!!


Reminds me of a story from the movie "American Flyers", a GREAT movie from the '80's - one of Kevin Costner's first.

Brother 1 (10 years old) to Brother 2: Hey, what is oral sex?

Brother 2 (12 years old): Uhhhh, well, I guess since when you write about sex, it's called written sex, so oral sex must be when you talk about sex.

Brother 1: Oh, okay....

A few days later, Brother 1 returns early from a party, and mom meets him at the door.

Mother: Hi son, why are you home from the party already?

Brother 1: Oh, mom, that party was so boring. Everyone's just sitting around having oral sex!

Mother flies out of the house in terror to break up whatever is going on at the party.

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