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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


his AUNT

Oh dear, I am not sure I am ready for this either. Some things just can't be bought at auctions, huh?

Always the Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

OMG! Tell me this isn't TRUE!!!! Not SHANE!!!

Scott Miller

I had my first peck at 12, too, but I sure DIDN'T TELL MY PARENTS ABOUT IT THAT NIGHT!!!

his AUNT

Well...I am STILL not telling!


I am the girl shane kissed and personaly i am proud because i really like shane for who he is and i think he is a great guy i just hope that he thinks the same way about me

Pa Pa Double Cab

I am not ready for this but I don't see,I don't hear and I don't get to say anything at home.

Pa Pa Double Cab

Did I know what a kiss was at age 12??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Kennedy's daddy

Sound about right actually, but we were playing "circle kiss" in 5th grade just to see, wait... nevermind.lol

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