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Tuesday, March 02, 2004



I just wanted to say WOW!g


Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site.d


i too had eyebrow dandruff i fixed it by using dandruff shampoo in my eyebrows and leaving it for 5 minutes

The REAL Problem

This is OFTEN CAUSED BY THYROID PROBLEMS. Please google THYROID EYEBROW FLAKES. Get your thyroid checked. The problem will get worse if you eat food that impairs thyroid function. It will get better if your thyroid problem is treated.

One Other Note

I had eyebrow dandruf and regular dandruf. And my girlfriend got it, too, after she moved in. Turns out my apt. had a lot of black mold in it which was of the toxic type. So I moved out and all our dandruff went away.

UPDATE: I got some fierce eyebrow flakes again. I had been working on a water filter. Turns out it was filled with black mold inside from old apt.

So, look around your AC, behind wall panels or ceiling tiles, and around pipes. If there is black mold in your work of live space, test it with a free kit. This may be the cause. And it explaisn why there are so many afflicted recently as mold growth has dramatically increased under global warming.


as if they cant come up with a fukn solution all the doctors out there!


Been dealing with this problem for about four years now, started off with vasiline jelly, that was a big mistake - leaves your face looking like a greased up pig and in terms of looking aesthetically pleasing your back at square one. I then moved on to vasiline intense dry skin lotion - this works, but i have to be vigilant with my eyebrows because theres always a chance that the problem will pop up - this in itself is a huge stress producer, has me checking mirrors all the time making sure the coast is clear.

Today i went to the doctor and was prescribed hydrocortisone 1%, everything i read about this says it clears it up but nobody seems to be raving about it so i guess it cant be working that well, ill have to see for myself in any case.

What i find is really good for it is really leaving it completely bare, and obviously you cant do this when you need to go out or socialize, but if you have some time to yourself like before bed or lets just say you know youll be alone for a while....wash your face and get all those lotions or whatever you put on off and just let the skin sit naked and if it dry's up, just let'er be. many times for myself the problem will be bad at first when i do this but improves substantially given a few hours.

Im a firm believer the creams arent working for us...they help to cover it up but the eyebrow hair loss is frightening and it really cant be good to have a layer of lotion between your skin and the air...essentially suffocating it in ways - this leads to build up i've found.

In any case...here's one more post from a fellow SD'er, I'm glad I'm not alone.


I have succesfully used a prescription medicated shampoo called Ketopine. It is avalable in the UK and it's produced in Ireland.
120 mls bottle costs around £8-00 and on a gent's short hair will last for at least three months, following instructions carefully.

The results are soon appreciable but perhaps one has to stick to using it fairly regularly.

The address on the packaging says:
Pinewood Laboratories Ltd.

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Best wishes, Paolo.


I have succesfully used a prescription medicated shampoo called Ketopine. It is avalable in the UK and it's produced in Ireland.
120 mls bottle costs around £8-00 and on a gent's short hair will last for at least three months, following instructions carefully.

The results are soon appreciable but perhaps one has to stick to using it fairly regularly.

The address on the packaging says:
Pinewood Laboratories Ltd.

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Best wishes, Paolo.


Its called seborreic dermatitis.Its caused due to oily skin.Excess sebum production by the glands..The fungal feeds on the oil n grows apparently.Use nizoral shampoo(twice a week) and cream(bedtime/everyday).Doxycycline for 1 month 100mg.Also consider taking a DHT blocker such as finasteride(finax) as its responsible for excess oil in the skin.Beware prolonged use of finasteride can cause impotency.
Netrogena shampoo(coal tar) also helps keeping the skin cool.tea tree face wash is also excellent for the condition.Doxycycline will prevent from flare ups and also prevent any symptoms on acne.Tho it is better to ask your derm as it is an antibiotic.He may suggest 50mg or so.
Drink less alcohol, less spicy, less oily food and maintain a good diet.The condition i agree is frustrating guys but dont let it increase your stress levels as it worsens the situation.
Zinc /sellenium/biotin /copper vitamin e are some interestining vitamins to consideer.Take a good multivitamin and wash your hair properly so that scalp dandruff does not fall on the brows.This will worsen the situation.



I'm replying mostly to keep this blog relevant.

I really appreciate everyone's input, and as recommended, I'll do a bit more research and turn to a dermatologist for help.

Good luck to you all!


I have the same problem in my left eyebrow and I also had dandruff in my left sideburns. Shaving my sideburns solved the problem but I don't want to do so with my eyebrows. Anyway, I'll try shampoos and lotion creams.


drink water! that is what has helped me!


Did you ever find anything that works for your eyebrow seborrheic dermatitis? I started suffering from it about eight months ago and I haven't found anything that works. I am seeing a dermatologist but what he prescribed hasn't gotten it under control. I had hair loss due to the seborrheic dermatitis, but now I have it due to the constant washing. This sucks!

Dr. Glynn

Tea Tree Oil is the best treatment for this. I have the same problem. Daily application is the best thing I've found after 40+ years of suffering this problem.


Sounds like! psoriasis,feel lucky that you dont get it on your eyebrows and your scalp too..
Its a condition that i have to along with EXCEMA , and to be honest nothing works for me, no lotions, no shampoo for dandruff works.

But doctors can perscribe special medicated shampoos, or if you go to certain stores you can find Tar shampoo.........it works really well for most people with this problem.
best suggestion is actually go to the doctors....!!!!


Hey guys. I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed Hydrocortizone 0.2% and after about 3 days the seborreia around my eyebrow area has pretty much gone away.

It's prescription but you might even be able to buy some online somewhere. Good luck.


I'm using selsun blue. Clear up slowly. does dry eyebrow skin surface. not sure if that may lead to eyebrow fall. root eyebrow seem to be darker, maybe thinker, stronger after using this shampoo.

twice a day, then 2 times a week they say. clean all shampoo off when finish.

Selsun Blue Medicated(wal-mart)

Pray to God for myself and all of you guys that this may work.


I too have eyebrow dandruff. This put flakes on my eyelashes and then gave me a Meibomian Cyst. I went to doctors who referred me to hospital. They said it's Blepharitis (Google it) and it is treatable.


well i usually just have dandruff on my head and nothing worked until selson blue... then i stopped and i have dandruff again... and today i just realized some on my eyebrowsss =(

hoping selsun blue will come to the rescue again!


I'm pretty sure I have an answer for most of you.

I'm 22, and I've had seborrhoeic dermatitis since I was eleven -- it's not terribly uncommon, and it's characterized by any one or combination of the following: scalp dandruff, eyebrow dandruff, irritation around the eyelashes, hair loss, "crusty" or "flaky" areas on other parts of the body which tend to be very oily -- like the areas where your nostrils meet your face, eyelashes, and in a lot of women, the area between breasts (gross, I know, but irritating). Frequently, there's also an itching or burning sensation in the affected areas.

Normally, people with seborrhoeic dermatitis have oily skin overall and tend to use a lot of exfoliants and heavy scrubbing in response to this (I know I did), but this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you should do. Treating seborrhoeic dermatitis as a "mixed skin type" problem (oily and dry at the same time) is NOT the solution.

I had on-and-off problems with really minor scalp dandruff when I was younger, but when I was eleven, I first started noticing that the area around my nostrils were getting really red, irritated, painful, and sort of crusty/flaky (it was gross). The dermatologist I saw then just told me to pick up hydrocortisone and apply it when necessary to the affected area; as long as I didn't overuse it, I should have been fine. Within a day, things were so much better. When I started getting eyebrow dandruff about six months ago, I applied hydrocortisone again, and it helps immensely. Every time I'm really noticably symptomatic, I just cover the area in a thin layer of hydrocortisone and chill out -- it never fails me. However, it's really important not to overuse corticosteroids. I've heard that Accutane can be helpful, but I've never considered my case to be severe enough for a daily medication.

Maybe once a month, a very gentle mask is nice -- I use a green clay mask that's designed to treat redness and irritation. After that, I do some very minor moisturizing with an extremely mild water-based moisturizer (NO chemicals for acne treatment, really dry skin, or anything like that). That mask is also a huge help. The less unnecessary chemicals you subject your skin to and the less you strip your skin of its natural oils, the better. As far as oily skin, the idea is more about maintenance than removing the oil. I've found that just regular Neutrogena powder helps with the appearance of oily skin.

The key is this: do NOT go overboard in trying to treat your skin. If you even suspect you have seborrhoeic dermatitis, washing your face twice a day should be your absolute max for cleansing. So, washing in the shower in the morning and right before bed or after work -- the shower is best since the steam already opens your pores.

I try to keep it down to one wash with extremely gentle facial soap, and I wear non-comedogenic makeup -- again, Neutrogena is good, even for heavy breakouts. I've found that body soaps like Dove are also very gentle, but it's still important to make sure you don't leave any soap residue on your skin (breakouts ahoy!).

While most people assume moisturizers should help, I find most of them aggravate the condition, because seborrhoeic dermatitis has everything to do with particularly oily glands. When you wash your face repeatedly or moisturize excessively, you're either adding more oil to your skin or your sebaceous glands are producing extra oil to catch up with exfoliation.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis is most common in people with **OILY** skin since it's attracted to these glands. This is what's so confusing about it -- those of us who have breakouts all the time and a T-zone that feels like an oil slick assume that we should wash our faces more, but that is exactly what makes the condition worse.

The condition is also frequently hereditary -- both my parents have oily skin, and after I got checked out, we found that my dad has seborrhoeic dermatitis as well.

Fortunately, it's hardly ever a really serious condition. Gentle dandruff shampoo for the scalp and occasional hydrocortisone applications make it extremely manageable.

Just remember: not only will over-treating your skin make things worse, but it can damage your skin overall in the long run. Consider overwashing/overmoisturizing like spending a great deal of time sunbathing while you're young. You could have really fresh-feeling or tan skin now, but that's always temporary and you'll look sixty by the the time you're in your forties.

Best of luck to everyone -- I hope this helped!

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