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Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Oh You flake

Get over it!!!!Its just Ringworm residue!!!Is it gooeey or just the Dry Crusty Residue? Don't touch it silly!! That will spread it to the other Brow!!!


I know I can always count on my family for true support when I need it the most...

Strong Arm

Yea! Like a giant Memosa or Weeping Willow in the wind. Always here for strong support! Like a large Sagebrush in a windstorm, Always rolling in to help! Like Carnack the Magnificent always here to answer the most critical of Questions!
Hope this helps. NEXT!!!!

kennedy's daddy

that must be the infamous "kennedy's Pawpaw". sounds just like him. oh, and update on kenny, i heard him kinda giggle for the first time. either that or he was squeezing a fart, not quite sure yet, but cute, nevertheless

Always a Maid of Honor never a BRIDE

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Oh my God! I hear you sister! I have the same thing! It's crazy! Im always paranoid about it. I'll lotion the hell out of my eyebrows and then...poof....it's back
what is it? what causes it? I've never had dandruff on my scalp.
someone please help us!


I have the same problem, eyebrow dandruff sucks. I always have to look in the mirrow. I just scratch all the dandruff out of it before I goto work or school, but sometimes it doesnt work.

I also get dry skin on my face. Lotion only half works. cuz then sometimes there is lotion buildup. A heavy cake of stuff, so I gotta peel off my face.


It's been plaguing me every day for 2 years now. I've tried just about everything under the sun in order to get rid of it, including scalp treatment shampoo (my hairdresser reckoned that was the fix, and that hair is hair...). I'm going to try hydrated zinc supplements next. They say that zinc and selenium are really important for the proteins in skin....


Well I've been suffering from eye brow dandruff for about 8 years. At first it was really bad. I haven't found a way to totally get rid of it.. but I found a way to manage it in a way where it doesn't pop up that much. I have naturally dry skin.. at least on my face. Bathe every day.. moisturize your face with some kind of lotion, including your eye brows.. make sure that all the dead skin from your eye brows is already scraped off before you do this. After you put a fairly thick layer of lotion on your eyebrows.. take a piece of toilet paper or something.. fold it in half and wipe it off your eyebrows. You'll be skin free all day. No joke. heh Works for me


I have the eyebrow curse of flakiness. I do the moisturizer thing but that is not a cure, How do you get rid of it for good?

James Trotta

I used to ahve eybrow dandruff. I solved it but whenever I write how my comment gets rejected as spam. Email [email protected] and I can explain...

Construction Chick

I found your site while looking for my own cure...
Here's a good site, once you get clear of the technical terms. There is a table at the end that lists over-the-counter shampoos that will help.


I wouldn't accept that I had eyebrow dandruff at first. I didn't even knew it existed; I told myself that it just sort of "migrated" from my scalp and landed on my face. Now I know that I am not alone.

johnny D.

(with my right hand, slowwwly raising above my head . . . .) "YES, I have eyebrow dandruff"! It's not noticable when it's snowing outside . . . As I understand, it's caused by "ugh" mites. I brush the flakes out, and being EXTREMELY careful, dip a Q-tip (cotton ear swab) into Listerine and moisten each eyebrow.(DON'T put too much, it may drip and could hurt your eyes!) Don't wipe it off. I do this every other morning, alternating with moisturizing with PETROLEUM JELLY. On alternate morning, directly after hot shower (or after applying warm/wet towel to area) rub PETROLEUM JELLY on eyebrows and GENTLY wipe off with warm/wet towel leaving a light residue. The PETROLEUM JELLY trick also works with BEARD DANDRUFF. (obviously NOT for you ladies!)

Carrie E

I've had eyebrow dandruff for the last couple of years. The dermatologist said to put cortizone 10 on it for 2-3 days. Then it seems to be better for a week or two. But you almost ged rid of it. She also said to use a dandruff shampoo on it sometimes too.


I've been suffering from the same things for almost 5 years now. It's awful and quite embarrassing. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed a type of cream but it just made it worse. I have even tried selsun blue because someone told me it's one of the best dandruff shampoos and that it should help. No such luck : ( So now I'm once again in search anything that will cure this awful stuff. PLEASE HELP!

Cora Yandersits

I have eyebrow dandruff! I need something that works, I've tried moisturizer, but ahh it's just so embarrassing! Help Me!!


Buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Soke a Q tip or cotton wool and blast the brow.

saturate a comb with the cider and reinforce the application.

Do this at night. In the morning wash your face. Keep doing this for a week.

let me know

p.s. i do the same to my scalp. warning : your house will smell like a fish and chip shop but good luck.


Buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Soke a Q tip or cotton wool and blast the brow.

saturate a comb with the cider and reinforce the application.

Do this at night. In the morning wash your face. Keep doing this for a week.

let me know

p.s. i do the same to my scalp. warning : your house will smell like a fish and chip shop but good luck.


This is the solution that works for me... Try Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo, which contains selenium sulfide as the active ingredient. This shampoo is especially good at removing flaking skin. Moisten your hands with water, then dab a few drops of Selsun Blue into each eye brow, and work up a good lather. If you have a scalp brush or comb, you can use that help loosen the flaking skin. Use a face towel to remove the excess shampoo.


I too have eyebrow dandruff. I've just started suffering from it recently and from what I've read, I think mine is caused by a combination of the dry air and stress, or at least that's what aggravates it to act up. If it's caused by mites, I need to find out. I've been putting Clinique facial lotion on it and so far, it seems to be helping although it's not all gone. But you are not alone in this! There are others like you out here.


I also have eyebrow dandruff. Thanks to some of the comments, I have some ideas. At first, I thought it was just because of the cold weather. However, now that it is getting nicer and not as cold, I still have it. I really need to get rid of this stuff.


Eyebrow dandruff is called seborric dermatitis (excuse my spelling)--it is essentially the same thing you get on your scalp.

Most sites I've looked up say that it is actually caused by a fungal infection that come from OILY SKIN!
So all of us, myself included, are making this condition worse by using lotions to try and get rid of the scaly skin.

I'm going to try an over the counter dandruff shampoo like Nizol to see if this helps--hope so! Its not only on both my eyebrows but also below both brows and between both brows and LOOKS AWFUL!

Will let you know how I make out.



I am very glad to hear that other people have this condition. I have tried brushing my brows, lotion, shampooing, nothing has worked. If anyone comes up with a solution, please share it with me also. Thanks :)


Tried T/Gel Shampoo by Neutrogena--it helped a bit. I halve also been using just a dab of cortizone cream and it has mostly cleared up except between my brows but it has improved.

Just thought I would update ;)


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