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Wednesday, March 31, 2004



Well, I was wondering why nobody was commenting on my little "100 things" post and my sister said she didn't know where to begin but she would NOT be admitting these things online! haha!


Ooooh it was scary reading this...you're just like me, or I'm just like you...one or the other. BTW it's typos ;)


I love your 100 things! I think they're fantastic, and really specific. (Incidentally, I have two of the other smartest children ever. It's a mixed blessing).

Miss Tay

Coolness. Another stationery lover. :)



1. When i am bored i buy books but don't tell anyone
4. What in the world? º¿º
27. Obviously
52. Right on. It's as though they are blnkng or somthin
63. Made me to want to santitize my blog..really
78. So can i, and i did for free "BIG MAC's" at the time


I'm still working on my top 100... yours is fun. I like the pics attached.


You DO know that piercing holes are SUPPOSED to close... right? We call that "healing," and it is why you aren't supposed to take the ring out. 'tard.

I Have His Back

I loved the list, such a cute idea.


I love your 100 list :) I have the 4 other smartest kids;) I also like your 'Life to do list' I have one but it's on paper! I'm also the baby of 4 girls - fun all round. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Account Deleted

I love your list. Your kids are lucky. You sound like a very fun Mom!


Hey, these are great! So many I agree with, but amen on the NO SMOKING! :)

Reminds me... some day I have to finish my 100 things...


Hi. I just happened upon your website. It is funny because alot of these things sound just like me (over half):) Just thought that was kind of cool. I know what you mean about being the only girl. I also have two boys! I really like your site.


good project :)
senks :)

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