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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Bunny's sister

Yes, Chana, 9 of your top 10 (?) were my FAVORITES. Could it be that I didn't see the other three? LOL

Yes, Scott, Ghost has to rank way up there also!

You two are such romantics; good month for it don't you think?


Hey, Ghost is in my saddest movie list! Don't get ahead of me guys! :(

Kennedy's daddy

Chasing Amy
Great Expectations
Lucas in love
The wedding singer
Any home movie with me and bren in it(also happens to be my saddest movie of all time)
Jersey Girl
Youve Got Mail
Jerry Maguire


If i was born in New Jersey, but I moved to Massachusetts, does that mean I am a Jersey Gurl?


Do yourself a favor and rent "BEFORE SUNRISE" then you can watch the sequal, "BEFORE SUNSET"

GREAT GREAT ROMANTIC MOVIE! Def. should be in your top 10 list.




My fave Romantic movie, Strictly Ballroom. Followed by Romeo + Juliet


My honey and I just watched the DVD of "Something's Gotta Give" with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.
Veery cute. What do you think?
'course we are "middle aged."


the notebook is the best romatic movie ever made

one word...TITANIC!!!!!

omg top 10 romance movies ever:
-pearl harbour
-the notebook
-tristan and isolde
-somethings gotta give
-moulin rouge
-city of angels
-romeo and juliet
-sweet november


Pearl Harbor
40 Days and 40 Nights Matt Sullivan
Wicker Park
Mozart and the Whale
Lucky Number Slevin

Romeo& juliet
Triastian& isold
Mozart and the whale


the notebook is the best romatic movie ever made

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